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Dec 2022 - May 2022
HyperSwitch was a project I worked on as part of his coursework at NYU. The game was made by a team of five MFAs over the course of a semester. We spent our time mainly prototyping ideas to do with interesting and abnormal movement mechanics, and settled on the concept of 'swapping places with enemies.' 
My role on this project was to program the player controller, camera and targetting, enemy AI, and some of the systems. I also assisted in level design and art production. 
A public build of HyperSwitch can be found here to be played for free.

While HyperSwitch was never a game I saw myself working on for ages, it was a great stepping stone during my academic career at NYU. It was built within a group of five, and I was tasked with heading the development. It was one of the more complex projects I had worked with on a team of that size, and we were collectively happy with the result.

I was responsible for programming the player and camera controllers, importing and managing the 3D models, implementing animations, and ensuring stability of the whole project. In this way, I took on a small technical producer role, ensuring that the project's production pipeline was never interrupted.

At the end of the project we had playtesters who could beat the entire game in under five minutes. This brought happiness and sadness to the team, depending on who you ask.

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