Gameplay Programmer


December 2023 - Ongoing
UNWOUND is a 6-8 hour 3D narrative RPG that combines the gameplay of OMORI and Psychonauts 2. Set in a surreal, fantastical world where people are objects and candy is the most valuable resource there is, you are an investigator sent to find the cause of a series of natural disasters affecting the sweet mines of Candy Island. When a storm destroys your ship and strands you on the island, you must use found objects to build yourself up from a sentient ball of yarn, with new body parts changing how you navigate this strange and mysterious place. Get involved in politics, join cults, uncover lost memories, make friends and break hearts — but figure out what's causing Candy Island's troubles before the whole place breaks apart.

On this project I worked to own and rebuild the player controller and build a custom camera controller. For an in-depth analysis of how I built the camera, check out this free blog post here​​​​​​​

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