The Recovery Files

Developer & Designer


April, 2020
The Recovery Files is a training game designed to teach volunteer drug addiction recovery coaches how to respond and help those in need. Volunteers through the Connecticut Center for Addiction Recovery work with those struggling with drug use. This game is designed to simulate what the conversations may be like. Dialogue was written by Yasmine Shwayhat, who worked closely with CCAR who provided real world situations that the stories are based off of. In which, someone might be in need of dire advice, or may be sending you a photo of their dog. Josh was supported to work on this through the University of Connecticut’s Business Department. The Recovery Files will remain free to access indefinitely, and Josh has been maintaining it, fixing bugs, and ensuring it’s longevity since it’s creation. Currently, CCAR has asked that the work remain private, as a public facing project such as this can be received negatively by some without proper context.

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